01st December 2023

Sherborne’s Christmas Carol

An illustration of the Charles Dickens classic 'A Christmas Carol'

‘Marley was dead: to begin with.’ The opening line of A Christmas Carol, read aloud by Charles Dickens himself, in Sherborne, on December 21st, 1854, at what is thought to be just the second public ‘outing’ of his famous festive story. The venue was the Sherborne Literary and Scientific Institution on Newlands, once a stable block to Sherborne House where Macready lived, and now home to Macintosh Antiques.’

We delve a little into the fascinating connection between Charles Dickens and Sherborne House in this month’s Sherborne Times magazine. A frequent visitor to our town through his close friendship with William Macready, the renowned Shakespearean actor-manager who once rented our glorious building as his home, Charles has left his literary mark on Sherborne forever. You can read a digital copy here.

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