Jeremy Gardiner: Turning the Tide

Saturday 20th July 2024 – Sunday 13th October 2024

Jeremy Gardiner

Jeremy Gardiner is a landscape painter deeply interested in geology and time. His vision of landscape captures the environmental and industrial processes that shape the earth’s surface.

Turning the Tide explores an array of landforms along the South Coast of England. Gardiner’s paintings of this coastline derive from his cumulative experience of walking along it, sailing past it, and flying over it, studying changes wrought over millennia and during his lifetime.

Using painting as a medium, Gardiner brings to his work a vital knowledge of contemporary practices, such as digital mapping and imagery, as tools to shape and transform what he sees. In so doing, he invites the viewer to reflect on their own transient relationship with the physical world.



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The Sherborne
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Free general admission
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Saturday 20th July 2024 – Sunday 13th October 2024
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